Entertainment Solutions is growing faster than we can keep up! If you are an experienced DJ, consider working for Entertainment Solutions. Currently, we must turn down some shows because we simply do not have enough qualified DJ's. We pay top dollar for experienced DJ's. If you are not experienced, but would like to learn, we have an apprenticeship program that will allow you to earn some extra money while learning how to be a professional DJ, not just someone using a nice stereo.

As with all good things, there are some catches. Over 98% of our customers rate us as excellent, and 100% would recommend us to someone else. We maintain these unprecedented ratings because of one thing, our DJ's. If you are not willing to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy, please do not waste your time with us.

If you have experience in DJ'ing weddings, we are looking for you. Again, it must be stressed, we only want the best, especially at weddings. Weddings are much more than just playing music. You have a mixture of ages from 2-92. Your knowledge of music must be immense. Knowing the top 40 simply will not do. A wedding is the Bride's day, not her sister's, not the guest's, not the photographer's, and not yours. You must be willing to do whatever she wants, while also being diplomatic as to avert undue pressure upon her. For instance, if she specifically says she does not want the "Electric Slide" played, when it is requested by some guests, you cannot say, "Sorry, the bride does not want it." They will then go ask her to tell you to play it. Wedding receptions are NOT easy. Anyone that tells you otherwise is not doing it right. To DJ a wedding, you are part DJ, part coordinator, part planner, part host, part messenger, and part whatever. No two receptions are the same, because no two brides are the same. Sure, most take the same format, the same schedule is usually used, but once you take the personality of the bride, coupled with her guests' attitude and other factors, you must decide what music will work best. Most of all, it  MUST be done right the first and only time. There are no second chances at a reception. The bride has no intention of getting married again.

If you just want to DJ high school dances, or house parties, we have a place for you as well. Either way, please contact us and hopefully we can be a good fit together. One last requirement, you must have reliable, insured transportation.

If you are currently DJ'ing and booking your own shows as part time work on the weekends, consider letting Entertainment Solutions handle all of your booking and meeting with clients. By working for us, you will no longer need to worry about missing phone calls, meeting with clients during your "regular job" hours. By working for us, you will no longer be stressing out on Friday/Saturday trying to get everything just right, gathering music lists, etc. We do that for you. Most of our DJ's are those who thought being a DJ is something they could as part time, but have since realized, to do it right, one needs to do it full time.


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