Like most services and products, our prices fluctuate slightly, both seasonally and by the type of event. For example, since only the most qualified and experienced DJs are permitted to work at wedding receptions, we pay those DJs a higher rate to reflect their experience, thus the price is slightly higher. Our pricing remains lower than many other DJ's because we rely on multiple shows throughout the week. We prefer to make a smaller profit on each show, and earn repeat business and referrals. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best service, while keeping your costs affordable to you. As everyone knows, a smile and a great attitude do not cost a thing. These are our greatest assets and they cost us nothing, so why charge you for them?

We do offer certain discounts. If you are booking for a church, school, fundraising event, government agency, or a non-profit organization, please call us directly. We do not have a set formula for these discounts, we simply determine how much your show will cost us and how busy we are on your requested day, and price accordingly.

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