Below are only a few differences between Entertainment Solutions and other DJ "companies."

Actual Real Company
Would you hire just anyone off of the street with a camera to take your pictures? Would you hire your neighbor who just happens to have a new oven to bake your cake? Why would you hire a "DJ" who works at Sears during the week? Entertainment Solutions is available all week to answer your questions whenever you have them. Our office is open Monday through Thursday 7am 7pm. We know you work, that is why we are open outside of the "normal" business hours. On Friday, we close at noon to begin preparing for the evening's events. However, we are still usually able to answer the phone. Once you have a contract with us, we provide you with the cell phone number of someone here who can speak with you at anytime to answer questions. We are working full time to make sure your event is as perfect as humanly possible.

Full Liability Insurance
We carry full liability insurance to protect you. This is of the utmost importance if you are having your event on private or government property. If the DJ causes any injury, you could normally be held liable if there were no insurance coverage. Some examples of injuries that have occurred; falling light fixtures, falling speakers, ear damage due to volume, electrocution, etc. These are catastrophic accidents and of course are rare, but so is early death.  However, most of us still carry some type of life insurance. What is more common, and affects mostly rented halls such as hotels and convention centers, is damage to the facility. If the DJ damages the doors to the building or scratches the hall with his speakers as he is loading or unloading, the facility will most likely send the bill to you. Most contracts you sign have a clause holding you responsible for the behavior of your guests, and the others that you hire. It is beyond our comprehension why anyone would hire a DJ without insurance.

Extensive Music Library
While our music library is doubtfully the largest among those of some other DJ's, ours is one of the most complete. This is related to us being a full time company. One of the duties on which we work each week is updating our library. We are probably closer than any other DJ in having every song to ever reach the top 100 as ranked by Billboard magazine. Billboard goes back to 1946. Some say this is not important, we should only keep the top hits of each year. We would rather tell your mother that we can play her favorite song "Teen-Ex" by The Browns, even if she does not request it until the end of the evening. While most anyone can get the song with enough notice, Entertainment Solutions wants to be able to have the song on the night of your event, even if she forgets to let us know beforehand.

Respect For Your Day
This is YOUR day!   You have worked hard to create the perfect environment for your wedding. We will not compromise that with any advertisements such as banners or business cards on the table. If requested by one of your guests, we will discretely provide them with our contact information. Any DJ will also do this if requested, we will not advertise without being asked.

Back-Up DJ's
Almost every DJ claims to have backup equipment. We know for a fact some that claim this, do not actually have backup equipment. Honestly, it is rare that equipment fails. With the advent of computers and more DJ's using computers to play the music, failures will become more common. Nonetheless, we agree backup equipment is essential. However, it occurred to us, if we are going to a reception with our backup equipment and get in a car wreck, we now have two broken systems. Entertainment Solutions takes the "back-up" to the next level. We have an entire system loaded completely separate from the primary system, with a qualified DJ on standby, waiting for a problem to arise. If your DJ is in a car wreck on the way to the reception, our next DJ is on his way. If in the middle of the show, the amplifier dies, a new one will be there, usually within 15 minutes. This brings up another point... if you hire a DJ who is the owner/DJ/janitor/etc, ask him/her what is the plan in the event that a careless driver runs a stop sign and causes the DJ to spend the night in the hospital? My favorite response I have heard is, "I've been doing this for 100 years and I have never missed a show." As we all know, car accidents, serious illness, and family emergencies can happen at any time, and NEVER occur at a "convenient" time.

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