This is the ultimate package, and frankly, the best deal.

Up to 8 hours and two venues.
Perfect if we are going to do sound for the ceremony

Any of our lighting packages (or none - it is your choice)

One of our top two DJ’s

CD of toasts/vows
(vows only applicable when we provide sound for ceremony)

We always get asked, “Why should I purchase this package?” Simply stated, because this is your wedding day, and everything must be exactly what you want, with no hidden charges. The advantages to this package are numerous. First, the price is for everything. There are no hidden charges, no add-ons. You can add most any service we offer at anytime for no additional charge. Some examples are karaoke, additional lights, even for us to provide the sound for your ceremony. The most often used “extra” added to this package is time. If your reception is scheduled for 6:00 to 10:00, and at 10:00 the party is still going strong, most DJ’s are going to start charging you an hourly rate. Not with this package. With this package, you have up to eight hours of our service. We will keep playing until the venue kicks us out, or your guests are simply exhausted.

The next most common “objection” to this package is price. We are the first to admit, this package is the most likely the highest quote you will receive. However, if you add lights, extra time, a ceremony, or karaoke to most any of our competitors’ packages, the price is nearly the same. But we still have more to offer. By purchasing this package, you are guaranteed to have one of the two best wedding DJ’s in the area (as ranked by our customers). The bio’s for both of these DJ’s can be found on our website. When discussing price it is nice to put it into perspective. How much will you spend on flowers? On centerpieces? On chair covers? Or any number of other items. While we agree all of these things are important, what will have the biggest impact on how much fun your guests have during the reception? The answer is simple, the entertainment.


This is our most popular package. It includes:

Up to four hours of music

Professional DJ

Unlimited Planning assistance

You can add any of our other services to this package. Each item listed below can be added for the listed price:

Bubble Machine (great for pictures) - $50

Sound for Ceremony (same venue) - $200

CD of toasts/vows
(vows are only available if we do ceremony sound) - $25

Monogram projected in lights - $150

Extra hour - $100 per hour

Karaoke - $200

Soundtrack for provided slide show - $150
(some restrictions may apply)

Lighting effects - $75


This package is NOT for everyone. Please call for additional terms and conditions of this package.

This package is designed for those that are on an extremely tight budget, or those that plan on playing music for the reception themselves.

The biggest difference, aside from price, between this package and package B is the DJ. The DJ that will be provided has gone through our training program, has performed at weddings under the supervision of one of our certified trainers, but has not yet been certified to perform at weddings “solo” yet. This may be his/her first wedding, or fourth. We would never send out a DJ in which we did not have full confidence, however, everyone must start somewhere. Since our other wedding packages guarantee a DJ with plenty of experience, the new DJ’s must start somewhere.

Please carefully evaluate your situation before purchasing this package. If you are the type of person who wants, and expects everything to be perfect, then this package is not for you. If want to use this package only to save money but be guaranteed the best of the best, this package is not for you.

With all of the negatives out of the way, there are some positives about this package. First and foremost is the service. You will still have the unlimited access to our staff for your planning assistance. You will still have access to our online planning guides and music request list. You will still have our top of the line sound and lighting equipment.


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