Entertainment Solutions can plan and coordinate your wedding reception. Your reception is your time to relax and have a good time. Let Entertainment Solutions make sure every detail of your reception is aimed at this goal. Our planning package includes everything you would expect from a professional planner. We will work with you to find the perfect vendors for your reception. We will check references, and make recommendations based on our years of experience and your desires, for everyone from the caterer, to the photographer, to the cake designer. We will confirm all of your wishes with each of the vendors, and be on site the day of your reception to make sure everything is exactly the way you want it when you, and your guests, arrive. This service eliminates the need for you to have a friend or a family member miss your ceremony. It allows you to focus all of your attention and energy on the wedding during the time that all of the details of the reception need to be confirmed and re-confirmed.

Entertainment Solutions has seen hundreds of receptions over the years. We have seen the groom's cake not arrive because someone overlooked it. We have seen close family friends lighting candles and putting on chair covers, while missing the ceremony. We have seen caterers arrive at the same time as the guests. Because of this, we have started offering this service. Our experience of seeing most everything that can go wrong at a wedding reception; makes us uniquely qualified to prevent these from occurring in the first place.

Our reception planning/coordination package is a complete package. This means there are no hidden charges. We meet with you, and your chosen vendors as often as required. Because of our relationships with many wedding vendors, we can work out discounts, and make suggestions to you that may save you even more money. It is not uncommon that our insight, experience, and “connections” may very well save you even more money than you are paying us! This, plus the piece of mind you will have knowing everything at your reception will perfect, makes hiring Entertainment Solutions as your reception planner/coordinator an easy choice. Please call for details.


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